My Previous Course Projects

This page has the archived links to projects I worked on in previous semester classes.

Since part of my goal in completing my Ph.D. is to use web based programming technologies wherever possible. I think this list shows a decent portfolio of advanced level work.


Here are my previous course projects.

Contact me if you want any of the code from this site.


Fall 2005

EME 7938 - Computer Augmented Instructional Paradigms in Education

References Database This is a database to keep track of the articles I have read - a place to store relevant information I have gleaned from them. Username/Password required.

EDF 6407 - Statistical Analysis in Education Research I

Group project not uploaded here. No other projects in this class.

ISM 6480 - Electronic Commerce

Pizza Order Form simple form for pizza ordering.

Bidding Database Final project - Auction web site tied to database.

EME 7458 - Research in Distance Learning

Group project not uploaded. Individual paper not uploaded

Summer 2005

EME 6930 - Web Programming 1

Assignment 0 is a form with various form elements and formatting features.
Assignment 1 is a form with validation and user selection changing a graphic
Assignment 2 is a math game that the javascript does the math for you based on the user's input.

Assignment 3 is a password generator

Assignment 4 is a random image tool for human interface verification
Assignment 5 counts the clicks a user makes to determine how many states he or she has been to.
Final Project: Several tools to solve statistical measurement problems

EME 6936 - Interactive Media

Assignment 1 is a word doucment proposal for a technology infusion project that is designed to improve some aspect of human performance.
Assignment 2 is a powerpoint presentation to show a photoshop cropping exercise
Assignment 3 is an acrobat document showing a best practice
Assignment 4 is a powerpoint Kiosk integrating concepts to solve a problem in human performance
Assignment 5 is a 32 MB video of tanks (smaller one here)

Assignment 6 is a web site that reports my technology infusion plan

Download Assignment 6 in WinZip File (38 MB)

EME 6613 - Development of Tech Based Instruction

A kiosk style instructional tool to help users pick out wine at publix

Spring 2005

ISM 6217 - Database Management

In ISM 6217, I designed a database for 3F properties to store and sort the properties, repairs and loans. It is was originally at, but I have moved it here.

EDF 6284 - Problems in Instructional Design

In EDF 6284, I designed an online learning module using the ESF model. I originally listed it at, but have moved it to this domain. Click here

EME 6936 - Web Page Design

My web page design work is all hosted on the USF Server. A direct link to those files is here.

I am debating whether to put up my papers and such. Maybe later.


I have completed the following courses:

Summer 2005:

EDG - 6432
    Foundations of Measurement
EME - 6613
   Development of Tech Based Instruction
EME - 6930
   Web Programming 1
EME - 6936
   Interactive Media

Spring 2005:
EDF - 6284
    Problems in Instructional Design
        Dr. Peter Esseff

EDF - 7145
   Cognitive Psychology
      Dr. Kofi Marfo

EDF - 7586
   Classics in Educational Research
      Dr. Edwin Johaningmeyer

EME - 6936
   Web Page Design
      Dr. Ann Baron
ISM - 6217
   Database Management
      Dr. Robert Fuller

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