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TTTI: An Overview

Combined Arms Training

The Tampa Tank Training Institute (TTTI) is an internationally renowned, divested conglomerate whose mission is to prepare tank crews for war. With a combination of federal grants, private investors and "old" money, TTTI provides consultation to all levels of tankers from the individual 19K, to the tank crew, platoon, company, battalion and brigade. TTTI has a remarkable turnover of distinguished tank crews and relies heavily on hands-on, intensive, didactic material training, using both constructivist and behavioral techniques.

In over 90 years of tank combat, TTTI has yet to suffer a war fatality. When allowed to expostulate on the duty of the tankers, it was the duty of our CEO to recently comment: "Day is day, night is night and time is time!" Clearly TTTI owns all three (day, night and time). Since tank training is compounded by a need for brevity and wit, TTTI has tediously focused its annual training on brief methods to conquer training during the day and the night.

How TTTI began...
After years of trying to use unqualified subject matter experts as trainers, TTTI was formed to take a pedagogical approach to the problem of training tank crews. The founders were high speed, low drag, top gun qualified M1A1 tankers.

Incorporating all battle positions

Several pedagogical strategies are present within the current constructs of training. By the very nature of career progression, by the time a crewmember is a gunner, he has likely been to several tank table VIII qualifications as a loader or driver. By the time a soldier is a tank commander, he is expected to train his crew, often based on his experience. Too often, though, the TC will use bad habits to train the crew and is limited to his experience, which may not contain possible tank malfunctions.

Authentic learning is the cornerstone of progression. A tank crew must determine its drill for meeting every possibility during a tank engagement and then execute the commands until they are routine. If a tank crew does not know that a scenario is possible (for instance if the laser cannot provide a reading of the distance to a target), the crew will likely not know what do say or do when that event occurs during their qualification run.

Since a crew drill is a collective task, cooperative learning is a requirement. In many cases, one tank crew evaluating (and learning) from another tank crew can provide insight into techniques for conquering this task and in fact can provide a form of reciprocal teaching.

Additionally, since the tasks build on each other, constructivism plays a large role in which tank crews can scaffold their prior experiences and inject similar situations into training (in fact, a lot of training for the Tank Tables includes stories of prior experiences - often stories of a crew failing to do something correctly)

TTTI Technology

The Tampa Tank Training Institute uses state of the art training equipment, including leading edge simulators and simulations.

Simulation Training at CCTT

Training is provided via proximal and distance learning, harnessing the power of video teleconferencing across the worldwide military backbone network infrastructure. TTTI can make training that uses high and low bandwidth technologies, ranging from streaming video to CD-ROM based training.

TTTI produces high quality videos using the latest equipment and provides kiosk style training through powerpoint presentations and online training written in clean xml code, allowing for training to be exported down to the new digital systems within military vehicles.


How TTTI works

TTTI finds the pedagogical problems in tank training and fixes them. Since the world is a better place with well trained tankers, TTTI provides the means to hone their skills. With a corporate membership,


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