EME 6930 Assignment #V:
Variable Arrays and Modular Programming

Objective - Create an original program that manipulates a relatively large amount of data using modular programming methods.
  1. Implement major parts of the program as programmer-defined functions that are not tied directly to event handlers (functions that are called by other functions.) Include in your program at least one programmer-defined function to which a variable is passed.
  2. Use a variable (data) array to store a moderately large data set.
  3. Create a function to which the variable array is passed to perform some kind of processing or analysis with the data contained in the array.

Click on the states you have been to to get an accurate count and list

You have recorded visiting states.



In this assignment, I used Javascript to get the users name and to get the user to estimate how many states they have visited. Then, using the Javascript onclick method, I had them click on every state they have visited to get a total.

The states get filled into the select box on the left and get placed in alphabetical order.


Note: the map was lifted from the pediactrics poison control center at about.com (http://pediatrics.about.com/library/blpoisoncontrol.htm)


Alaska Wyoming Wisconsin West Virginia Washington Virginia Vermont Utah Texas Tennessee South Dakota South Carolina Rhode Island Pennsylvania Oregon Oklahoma Ohio North Dakota North Carolina New York New Mexico New Jersey New Hampshire Nevada Nebraska Montana Missouri Louisiana Minnesota Michigan Massachusetts Maryland Maine Mississippi Kentucky Kansas Iowa Indiana Illinois Idaho Hawaii Georgia Florida Delaware Connecticut Colorado California Arkansas Alabama Arizona
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