Course Project

Objective - Draw upon overall course material to construct a unique and sophisticated application that differs appreciably from or extends significantly the samples presented by the instructor or the textbook authors.

Calculate "z" and "t" scores.

Click on the term for which you wish to calculate (Mean, Standard Deviation, Raw Score, Z Score), then insert data into the 3 other cells. Then press the calculate button. (hints: this tool would likely be used mainly to determine z score based on raw score, so if you want reasonable numbers that is the best way.)

Hint: If you want "real" numbers, an example would be (Mean: 86, SD 7, Raw 93, z 1, which essentially says that the average score was 86, and the raw score is 1 standard deviation above the mean -- try to fill in other number accordingly to test the form)






Click on either Z Score or T Score to calculate the other. then insert data into the other cell. Then press the calculate button.

Again, for real numbers, use the Z score from above to calculate the T Score.



Notes: See the code. It is commented adequately. In this form, I played with Javascript to change the CSS styles (among other things). I started off with boxes that are readonly (and colored yellow). Once the user clicks the picture, the applicable boxes "open up" for data entry.


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