EME 6930 Assignment #III:
Repetition and Arrayed Data

       Create an original program in which you apply methods of repetition (looping) to indexed (subscripted) controls such as selection lists, radio button groups, checkbox groups, etc. to manipulate moderately large amounts of information.

Use this program to create random passwords (default values have been entered for your convenience).



How many characters do you want in your password?
How many passwords do you want to generate?
Check which types characters you want: Uppercase
Special Characters

Your Password(s)



This program creates an array to put the specified number of passwords in and then loops through the number of characters to put in the password based on the character criteria specified by the user. The results are put into the text area, with a javascript carriage return to allow the user to copy and paste the passwords into a program like excel.

The only validation the form does is to make sure that the user puts a number greater than 0 into the characters field, although no alerts are called. Anything other than a number greater than zero will not pass through the javascript.

The code is commented fairly well, so feel free to check it out.


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