Course Project

Objective - Draw upon overall course material to construct a unique and sophisticated application that differs appreciably from or extends significantly the samples presented by the instructor or the textbook authors.

This form will return the the N, range, Mean, Mode, Median, and Standard Deviation for a number of test scores.

Hint: If you get an error, you probably have an extra space in there. I have not yet validated the form for things like that (or for entering in figures other than numbers). If you want a set of data (but don't feel like making something up), cut and paste into the form, use this:

90, 100, 90, 95, 88, 83, 66, 77, 83, 82, 80, 99, 100, 69, 73, 85, 87. 93, 83, 93, 90, 67, 98, 93, 92, 88, 91, 84, 87


Enter the test scores in the box on the right, separated by commas.


Press Submit Button to see Results. To submit a second set of numbers, please reset the form first.



Standard Deviation Formula

Other Definitions:

N: Numbers in the set
Range: Difference between high and low numbers in the set of N
Mean: Statistical average ((Σ N) / N)
Mode: The most frequently occurring number(s) N
Median: The middle number in the set of N


Notes: See the code for comments. The most difficult part of this code was getting median and mode. Mode, was particularly difficult, because I had to figure out how to loop through the array, finding duplicates, then assigning the duplicates to a new array (until a higher number of a duplicate occurs, at which point, I had to "reset" the array and start refilling it (even the definition seems complicated). To test it, try entering a series of numbers with a muilt-modal set.


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