Course Project

Objective - Draw upon overall course material to construct a unique and sophisticated application that differs appreciably from or extends significantly the samples presented by the instructor or the textbook authors.

Fill in the form below to generate the follow on form

Hint: Any numbers can be used. I recommend 10 and 10 if you want to clearly see the results

Number of Students
Number of Items

Notes: When I started this, I was going to have Javascript create the form, but I ran into some difficulties with that, so I resorted to server side VBScript to take the variables from this page and create the form on the next page. I think that I subsequently determined how to to make it work with Javascript (using the prompt box and the GetElementByID). The problem I had was that when I was trying to loop through the results, I could not figure out how to get the dynamically generated attributes (GetElementByID would have solved that). Instead of fixing it, I just left my original work here and put my time into the other projects.



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