EME 6930 Assignment I:
Introduction to JavaScript

Create an original program that allows the user to enter demographic data into text boxes or other controls, and then to use buttons to manipulate the data and change the attributes of the controls. (You may want to use image objects, select objects, and input objects of type text, password, textarea, and button, but avoid using radio buttons and checkboxes in this effort. They're a bit more complex.  Select objects are difficult in some older browser versions, too.) Your buttons should specify event handlers that call JavaScript functions that you have defined in the header.

Notes about the form at the bottom.


*First Name
*Last Name
*E-Mail address
Interested in receiving a large quantity of junk mail for the rest of your life?

Which Avatar would you like associated with your account?


* means mandatory entry


Notes about the form:

This Form is set up to validate the input of first and last name (null value not accepted) and e-mail address (it just checks to make sure there is an @ and a . (dot))

Additionally, the form has a cookie which saves the form data and when you come back to it, the previously recorded answer will automatically fill in the box (try it - submit the form - which goes to the post query PERL file), then come back to this page and refresh it. When you click back into the names and e-mail address boxes, the value will fill itself back it (this is great for testing forms).

Also, I have a radio group that controls the picture on the left. By clicking on an item in the group, a function is called to select a picture location from an array.

I took all of the pictures used in this site. I modified the cookie from one done several and reused it for this form.


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