EME 6930 Assignment 0:
Introduction to HTML

      Use HTML to make a simple web page with various formatting features (a title, a picture, color settings, some text displayed in varying fonts and other attributes, etc.) and various links to other pages. The page should also include a form with various input fields & buttons and a "send" button that posts the form's data to the following cgi "test" program:
Please fill out this form so we can determine your skill levels.
First Name
Can you demonstrate mastery in HTML Forms Development?

Last Name
Can you demonstrate mastery in Javascript?

E-Mail address
Click the programs you would claim to have experience in using. Dreamweaver
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Excel
Macromedia Fireworks
Corel Draw
Which browsers do you use?
Please choose your operating system platform.
If other, please enter your favorite
If other, please enter yours here


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