Welcome to my web site. Feel free to browse my current and previous course projects and contact me if necessary.

In my pursuit of a doctoral degree in Instructional Technology, I have found several uses for having my own web page served to support that end. Therefore, here it is. Some sections might required login credentials.

Contact me if you want any of the code from this site. glm@USFPhD.com

What is instructional technology?

"Instructional technology is the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of the processes and resources for learning."

Seels, B. B., & Richey, R. C. (1994). Instructional technology: The definition and domains of the field. Washington, DC: Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

Fall 2005

EME 7938 - Computer Augmented Instructional Paradigms in Education

References Database This is a database to keep track of the articles I have read - a place to store relevant information I have gleaned from them. Username/Password required.

EDF 6407 - Statistical Analysis in Education Research I

Group project not uploaded here. No other projects in this class.

ISM 6480 - Electronic Commerce

Pizza Order Form simple form for pizza ordering.

Bidding Database Final project - Auction web site tied to database.

EME 7458 - Research in Distance Learning

Group project not uploaded. Individual paper not uploaded

Summer 2005

EME 6930 - Web Programming 1

Assignment 0 is a form with various form elements and formatting features.
Assignment 1 is a form with validation and user selection changing a graphic
Assignment 2 is a math game that the javascript does the math for you based on the user's input.

Assignment 3 is a password generator

Assignment 4 is a random image tool for human interface verification
Assignment 5 counts the clicks a user makes to determine how many states he or she has been to.
Final Project: Several tools to solve statistical measurement problems

EME 6936 - Interactive Media

Assignment 1 is a word document proposal for a technology infusion project that is designed to improve some aspect of human performance.
Assignment 2 is a powerpoint presentation to show a photoshop cropping exercise
Assignment 3 is an acrobat document showing a best practice
Assignment 4 is a powerpoint Kiosk integrating concepts to solve a problem in human performance

Assignment 5 is a 32 MB video of tanks (smaller one here)

Assignment 6 is a web site that reports my technology infusion plan

Download Assignment 6 in WinZip File (38 MB)

EME 6613 - Development of Tech Based Instruction

Spring 2005

ISM 6217 - Database Management

In ISM 6217, I designed a database for 3F properties to store and sort the properties, repairs and loans. It is was originally at 3FProperties.com, but I have moved it here.

EDF 6284 - Problems in Instructional Design

In EDF 6284, I designed an online learning module using the ESF model. I originally listed it at IDLS-WBT.com, but have moved it to this domain. Click here

EME 6936 - Web Page Design

My web page design work is all hosted on the USF Server. A direct link to those files is here.

I am debating whether to put up my papers and such. Maybe later.




EME -7938
    Computer-Augmented Instructional Paradigms in Education

EDF - 6407
   Statistical Analysis in Education Research I 

ISM - 6480
   Electronic Commerce

EME - 7458
   Research in Distance Learning

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